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D-35 (238) Proceedings of the International Workshop on Global Atmospheric Electricity Measurements. Mądralin, Poland, 10-16 September 1989

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R. Teisseyre, Welcome address, 5

L.H. Ruhnke, Opening remarks, 7

R. Reiter, Opening remarks, 9

S. Michnowski, Welcome words, 10

H. Tammet, The Global Atmospheric Electricity Monitoring Program, 11

B. Vonnegut, Problems for research in atmospheric electricity, 13

H. Dolezalek, Discussion of an atmospheric electricity Ten-Year Program, 17

L.H. Ruhnke, Workshop objectives, 21

V.M. Sheftel, Effects of the magnetospheric-ionospheric generators and solar flares on the atmospheric electricity of high latitudes, 23

B.N. Raina, Modulation of global electric circuit by extra-terrestrial influences, 33

N.C. Varshneya, On the study of Global Electric Circuit, 47

S. Kolev, Experimental investigations of thunderstorm electricity in Bulgaria (extended summary), 51

R. Reiter, Oscillations in the air-earth-current with a frequency of 7-10 per hour observed at 1780 m a.s.l. on a remote high mountain station in fair weather (extended summary), 53

H. Tammet, Technical notes on simultaneous measurements of atmospheric electric currents, 55

O.D. Zotov, N.N. Rusakov, B.I. Klain, S.V. Anisimov, Global variations of the vertical atmospheric electric current and their associations with some geophysical phenomena, 71

S.V. Anisimov, V.A. Morghounov, V.A. Troitskaya, Substorms of potential gradient of the atmospheric electric field, 77

S. Michnowski, A. Szymański, N.N. Nikiforova, O. Kozyreva, D. Ermolenko, K. Zielkowski, On simultaneous observations of geomagnetic and atmospheric-electric field changes at Arctic Station, Hornsund, Spitsbergen, 83

A.C. Łosakiewicz, J. Drzewiecki, On the measurement of the vertical air-earth current at Spitsbergen and in Poland, 97

T.E. Battalino, Atmospheric electricity station in southern California, 109

E.A. Bering III, J.R. Benbrook, G.J. Byrne, A.A. Few, Measurement of vertical atmospheric electric current at a network sites in Antarctica including manned stations and automatic geophysical observatories (project description), 119

Z. Kłos, Influence of ionospheric irregularities on electric conductivity and ionospheric-magnetospheric coupling, 137

O. Troncoso-Lozada, Atmospheric electricity variations during the early phase of the 1990-91 solar activity peak, 143

D.D. Sentman, Simultaneous measurements of Schumann resonances in California and Alaska during June-July, 1989 (summary), 151

I.L. Gufeld, N.N. Nikiforowa, V.F. Makarenko, V.S. Yampolsky, Monitoring of heliogeophysical and seismotectonic phenomena by the method of very low frequency radioscopy within the earth-ionosphere waveguide, 153

S.V. Anisimov, E.A. Mareev, V.Yu. Trakhtengerts, Characteristics of electric noises in the surface atmospheric layer, 165

J.L. Borkowski, The influence of the length of antenna on the accuracy of measurement of the vertical current in the surface layer of the atmosphere, 177

J.C.H. van der Hage, Conductivity of air over the Atlantic Ocean (extended summary), 183

T.J. Tuomi, Atmospheric electricity in Finland (report), 185

S. Warzecha, Long-lasting radioactive contamination at Świder and its effect on the atmospheric electricity parameters after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, 187

S. Warzecha, Variations of the electric field and air conductivity at Świder in the years 1958-1985, 193

V.N. Shuleykin, A.M. Polikarpov, Global microvibrations of the Earth and local variations of atmospheric electricity, 199

N.V. Krasnogorskaya, A.G. Parkhomov, Ya.Ya. Rudakov, Electric fluctuations at the Earth s surface as a function of space parameters, 207

L.I. Dorman, Cosmic rays and atmospheric electricity, 215

H. Tammet, Recommendations for vertical current measurement as part of simultaneous observations of the global atmospheric electric circuit, 223

E. Knudsen, S. Israelsson, Proposal for determination of representative recordings during the GAEM Project, 237

Global Atmospheric Electricity Measurement Program (preliminary plan prepared during the Mądralin Workshop), 243

Resolution of the Mądralin Workshop on global atmospheric electricity measurements, 248

S. Michnowski, Concluding remarks on the Mądralin Workshop, 249

List of participants, 257

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