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Instructions for authors

Acta Geophysica publishes original papers relating to all disciplines of geophysics.

All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by at least two referees and will not be processed further until favorable referees' reports are obtained. Blind Peer Review system is applied


The journal does not have article processing charges (APCs) nor article submission charges.


Acta Geophysica move to Editorial Manager
Online Manuscript Submission and Manuscript Management system

In December 2011 we start using the web-based system, Editorial Manager, for processing manuscripts submitted to Acta Geophysica. Please contact Editorial Office if you have any querries.



Please use the electronic submission system at the address: https://www.editorialmanager.com/agph/.
Detailed instructions for submission can be found on Editorial Manager website. First-time user must create an Author account to obtain user ID and password required to enter the system. If you experience difficulties with the manuscript submission website, please contact Managing Editor.


Microsoft Word 2007

Please note that files created in Microsoft Word 2007 should be saved in doc format. New Word docx files cause problems for reviewers and they are not compatible with existing production process.



The journal's language is English. Before submitting the paper, please make sure that the language is correct. Some corrections of syntax and spelling can be made by our language editor.


Required organization of the paper:

1. Title.

2. Name, affiliation, exact postal and e-mail addresses of the authors, and the indication who is the corresponding author.

3. Abstract (up to 150 words).

4. Key-words (up to 5).

5. Text, divided into numbered sections.

6. List of references.


Reference list (details in attached file: AG_Reference_guide.pdf) should be arranged in alphabetical order, according to the given pattern:


- in the case of an article in a journal:
Teisseyre, R., and M. Górski (2007), Physics of basic motions in asymmetric continuum, Acta Geophys. 55, 119-132, DOI: 102478/s11600-006-0008-4.


- in the case of a book:
Lilensten, J., and J. Bornarel (2006), Space Weather, Environment and Societies, Springer Verlag, Dordrecht, DOI: 10.1007/1-4020-4332-5.


- in the case of a chapter in a book:
Moriya, T., and R. Teisseyre (2006), Design of rotational seismometer and non-linear behaviour of rotation components of earthquakes. In: R. Teisseyre, M. Takeo, and E. Majewski (eds.), Earthquake Source Asymmetry, Structural Media and Rotation Effect, Springer, Berlin, 439-450.


- in the case of an article in proceedings:
Nikolaevskiy, V.N. (1998), Tectonic stress migration as nonlinear wave process along earth crust faults. In: T. Adachi, F. Oka, and A. Yashima (eds.), Proc. 4th Inter. Workshop on Localization and Bifurcation Theory for Soils and Rocks, Gifu, Japan, 28 Sept. - 2 Oct. 1997, A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, 137-142.


If the article/book has DOI number, the author should include it in the references.

Accuracy and completeness of references are the responsibilities of the author.

The properly prepared, complete and correct references allow automatic creation of active links by the De Gruyter Open technology that are used for making the electronic version of our journal. Active reference linking is regarded as the greatest benefit of electronic publishing and it adds a lot of value to your publication.


References in the text should consist of the name followed by the year of publication in parentheses. (If more than 2 authors, please give the first author's name followed by et al. and year). All references cited in the text must be included in the reference list, and vice versa.


Figures must be submitted in electronic file, preferably saved as eps, jpg, cdr, tif. We can not accept figures created in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Excel as they are low-resolution graphics, not suitable for reproduction. The resolution for graphic files must be: 250-300 dpi for colour and grey scale images, 600-900 dpi for black and white only. Line weights and lettering should be suitable for reduction. Please consult the recent issue of our journal as to the size of the figures.


Tables should be created with Word's Insert Table function. Avoid tables built with tab key or as pictures. Tables should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals and referred in the text. The header should be placed on top of the table. Please make sure that the size of the tables is adequate to the layout of the journal's page (12x19 cm).


Final version of the paper

Once the review/revision process is finished, the corresponding author may be asked to prepare the final version of the paper, according to the template available at: http://agp.igf.edu.pl/. We will then inspect it and make some editorial adjustments
(if necessary). The pdf file will be sent back for proof-reading.
The ready paper will be placed on Springer Online First Articles web page and then included into the electronic and printed issues of Acta Geophysica.


Contact: agp@igf.edu.pl


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Important files for contributors

Acta Geophysica - Microsoft Word Template

Download: Microsoft Word template (.dotx)


Acta Geophysica - License to Publish

Download: License_to_Publish (.pdf)


Acta Geophysica - Reference Guide

Download: AG_Reference_guide (.pdf)


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